Thursday, December 29, 2016

Whutz Going On?

We admit it- the dude that looks like Ace was a distraction.

We had to show him though.  He just popped up not to long ago and well, he's kinda on the jumpy side.  If you want to know the truth a couple of kittens did go out and see if he could give them some answers but he got scared and ran away.

So, back to the kitties...

There was news everywhere that Siberian Tigers were now missing from the wild.  No one could understand it but then Casey realized that Santa had a plan for tigers.  There was a debate back and forth but then the kitties (both the Trouties and the Purry Gang) came to one conclusion...

No one had any idea what in the meow happened and they probably never would.  So, the question was- what now?

What were all the kitties going to do?

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