Friday, January 6, 2017


Frank looked up at everyone with the weirdest expression.  The kittens actually squeezed themselves closer together.  Fuzzy went under the sofa- that's how bad it was.  Anyway- Frank let out this really weird cry/moan/scream that just sent chills down everyone's spine.

When it was over everyone was just staring at each other.  Frank then burst into tears and told this story about how Carla was literally ambushed while she was hunting.  It was almost like a Cecil story- somebody tricked her with the bait and five minutes later she was gone.

After that the Mayor started cursing in such a way that the rest of the cats couldn't figure out how he knew all of those words.  Casey just started whacking things.  Everyone was just letting out the aggression- the more they did it the more Frank cried but for some reason, after about five minutes, of everyone whacking and yowling- the room got completely silent.  Then a question came from Frank that no one would've ever guessed...

"Where's Smokey?"

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  1. uh......thiz iz gonna bee awkwerd....we will step out fora minit ~~~~~ ♥♥♥♥