Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Fierce Frank

Frank was steamed by the question.  Steamed?  Steamed was a meowing understatement.  He looked like he was going claw everyone's eyes out.  "What is THE MATTER WITH YOU?"  he growled.  "WHY WOULDN'T I WANT SOME JUSTICE?"

Barney had to be the one to calm him down.  "Hey Frank- we are TRYING TO HELP!"

Frank wasn't listening.  He was pacing back and forth.  "You cats are no help."

Casey was getting steamed.  "What in the meow is that supposed to mean?"

Frank was now face-to-face with him.  "Do you wanna settle this outside?"

Baby couldn't believe this either.  "What is this an old western?  What's the matter with you two?"

The claws were out by this point.  "I'm gonna give you a paw to remember," he said.

That's when the Mayor yowled, 'WAITZ A MINUTE!!!!!!!!'

1 comment:

  1. yea...frank...hold up ther pardner....{ sorree guys, we had ta throw that in ther !! }

    ewe canna talk two uz small catz like that when all we iz tryin ta due iz help.....

    we noe yur upset N all, but itz knot R fault....

    bak off from casey ther buddy; casey iz R pal...