Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hank's Plan

All eyes and all whiskers went to Hank.  The message was clear- 'c'mon big guy spill it.'  Hank was pretty happy with this-he got this big, dopey-proud look on his face.  "We attack," he said.

Groans and moans.  It was the same old thing.  Attack, attack, attack how many times were they going to go through with this?  Casey was actually starting to feel like one of those human-dudes on Braveheart.  He just hoped that there wasn't such a thing as 'kitty kilt.'

Meeee-ow okay-bad joke...

However Baby was the one that meowed it out first, "This attacking thing isn't working!  You saw how everybody was all shocked about what happened up at the North Pole and stuff.  The stuff isn't working.  There's something we gotta do different!"

That's when he got this really sneaky look on his face.  "Yeah but I got the mob together!"

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  1. guyz...act shoo a lee de kitty kilt iz a good ewe will never catch uz in pantz; knot EVEN fora pound oh fresh trout each week ! ☺☺☺♥♥♥