Saturday, January 28, 2017


Now, before a lot of you get the wrong idea- just think about the idea of revenge. When someone you love is hurt- the first instinct is to hurt the one that did the hurting back but it isn't really good to play that game.  Hank craved deep revenge and who could blame him- hippos are being hunted down like crazy anymore because of the obsession humans have for ivory.  With that being meowed, it was Frank who said it first..

"There's gotta be another way."

Everyone stared at Frank.  Obviously, you would think that he would want to rip someone apart first but Frank was, basically, a reasonable cheetah.  Frank continued, "Humiliation- it has to be humiliation."

Leo liked that idea.  "You're right- if humans really knew what humans were really doing it would help big time."

At this point Hank's face was falling to the point that he looked like he wanted to cry.  "What do you say that for?"  he asked.

Leo actually hit Hank with his tail.  "You dope.  You're smarter than this."

You could almost see the stars around Hank's head.  The dude was dazed.  In the middle of all of this Casey meowed, "You know I even have a better idea."

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  1. YAY !!! casey....we canna wait ta heer it.... hank yur like part oh a cartoon rite now dood ~~~~~ ***** cartoonz frum de ole dayz that iz !! ♥♥♥☺☺☺