Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Question of Revenge

After Frank getting a lot of mourning out off the system- one question came up.  It was the question of revenge- naturally.

What did you expect? 

No matter what kind of cat you are you always want some kind of justice.  The fact that Carla died in such a terrible way just made you want to yowl it.  The question is- what in the meow could they actually do?

Casey was already thinking- he had images of pushing some mean human into a pit with hyenas.  Well, the Mayor wanted to go after every big game hunter that they pawsibly could. He thought again they should go on some kind of attack mode and just kick some butt.  Barney even had to agree with him.  It was time for some serious meowy mayhem.  He was even starting to get images of scratching some big game hunters' eyes out.  Baby, who never agrees with Barney on anything thought this was a purrfect idea- along with the other Trouties.

While the kittens were happy to go along with anything.  Traveling and meeting new animals always sounded fun but Fuzzy came up with a great question:

"How are we gonna find this dude?"

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