Friday, February 24, 2017

A Weird Twist

Of course there were screams.



But the next thing you know the kitty was back, all in one piece.  How?  She was riding a snow leopard's back that's how. Meeeeeeeeeee-what???  A snow leopard???  There weren't supposed to be snow leopards in Iran!

Well, the kitty slid off of the snow leopard's back in relief and by time everyone's mouth shut- the questions came out- 'How?' 'What are you doing here?' Until the Mayor finally meowed it,

"Thiz iz a jokez snow leopards don't live here!"

The cat swished his tail and said, "You're right- we don't."  He looked down at Toni.  "Be careful kid," he said and then he disappeared.

Now, Toni was clinging to Fuzzy for dear life which was understandable and Casey meowed to her, "How in the meow did this happen?"

"He only said he was on his way home!" she meowed indignantly.

Finally, Eddie yowled. "Could we please just start digging!  My mom sounds like she's in trouble."

As if on cue, whimpers came from inside the cave!

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  1. hang on...we will bee ther fast soooper quik & rite a way !!

    heerz two a european perch kinda week oh end guyz~~~~~ ♥♥♥