Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Whirlwind (Kinda)

Before the whirlwind of questions started, Frank did a very important thing...

He passed out...

With the shock of Carla appearing, it took about three seconds for that to sink in.  However, Carla let out some kind of weird shriek and started doing some kissy-face stuff to wake him up and that worked fine.  Frank's eyes popped open and they started doing that lovey-dovey stuff that they were doing the first time the kitties met them. 

"Oh brother," meowed Casey.  "We came all the way over here for nothing."

"Dat's a stupidz thingz to say," meowed the Mayor.  "We foundz Carla and datz a good thing."

Casey's whiskers twitched.  "You're right but what I don't get is- how did you know where he was?"  His eyes shifted to Paws.

Now, Paws the kitten wasn't the one bit intimidated bepaws he was very pleased with himself.  "Eddie told me," he meowed.

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  1. EDDIE !!!!!!!!????????? R ya seer ee uz.......carla N frank we IZ buzzed happee yur bak two gether stix two each other like gloo ..oh kay ~~ ♥♥♥