Sunday, February 12, 2017

You Mean We Have to Paw Through All of This????

As you have probably guessed, the kitties were somewhat surprised by the landscape.  A lot of awed, confused, yet indignant meows were going on.

And meee-ow yeah I said indignant.  What did you expect?  These kitties are always looking for an excuse to pull each other's fur out.  Anyway, it was somewhat of a shocking scene- all of the openness and the stillness was creepy.

"Howz da meowz we gunna find Carla?"

The funny thing is Leo's boys roared out, "CARLA!!!!"

The echo came back and it lasted forever.  Carla...



Well, you get the point.

Casey looked overwhelmed too.  "We are in big trouble," he meowed.

(Just between us it seems like these guys are ALWAYS in trouble.)

But strangely enough, little Paws was very excited.  He started jumping up and down.  "I know! I know!" he meowed and out of nowhere he ran towards the west.

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