Thursday, March 2, 2017

Dropped Whiskers

The whiskers didn't necessarily drop-they fell off.  Noses were twitching too.  Casey was point to gasping.  "Wha-what do-do-do you mean dead???"

Eddie looked really sick.  "There are ghosts floating around! They're guarding a treasure!  Anybody who finds this is gonna get killed!!  My mom and my little brother might be dead."

Wait a meow minute- treasure?

What was this? The Count of Monte Cristo?  Raiders of the Lost Ark?  What was up with this?  "You iz makin' did up," meowed the Mayor.

Eddie shook his head.  "NO! NO!  They got caved in and had to get out- they probably had to
look for it!!  They're probably dead!" Then he started to cry.

It was not a pretty sight to see a Pallas Cat cry.

Barney, the rational one, calmed down first.  "We gotta look for them.  Which way, Eddie?"  He asked.

Eddie pointed to the corridor straight ahead with his tail and there was all kinds of spooky, meowy laughter coming from it!!

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  1. guyz.....ghostz canna hurt uz....we izza teem, N we haz fited off reel for sure pie ratz two yea like barney said...which way !!♥♥♥☺☺☺