Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Shake, Rattle and Meow

Don't worry...

The shaking stopped...

Yeah, I know this is getting out of hand.  MEEEE-OW.  Why wouldn't it?  They're in a cave in a Middle Eastern country and meee-uhoh that goof just signed a travel ban!  I hope they can get back home...

But we'll worry about that later...

Everybody was just kind of looking at each other with the buggy eyes.  "Phew," meowed Casey, "we're lucky."

"Maybez we needz to whisperz," meowed the Mayor.

"Why?"  Barney asked.  "It was a false alarm."

"I thoughtz for a secondz Hank waz here," meowed Baby.

In the meantime, they didn't do anything for a second bepaws they were distracted by their reflection in the shiny wall. It was easy to see why the kitten got scared but in sense it was funny.  It was like playing with a mirror.

"I never even saw this before," Eddie said.

In the meantime Casey was doing some counting at the cats in the wall and the meowed, "WHAT IN THE MEOW IS THAT BLACK THING BEHIND EDDIE???"

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