Sunday, March 12, 2017

Spooked Daisy

Well, they didn't have to worry about Daisy.  She pawed back to them, slowly with her eyes as BIG as saucers and we're meowing flying saucers.  Her whiskers were twitching and we're meowing worse than how they twitch in Looney Tunes cartoons!  She was spooked, "Da-dah-da-dah."

The Mayor was huffy.  "Whuz da problemz? Wherez Boomer?"

"Mew," she answered.



How in the meow could this be pawsible? This was Daisy- the one who went off, last year, with Baby playing Thema&Louise.  She always had something to say.  The Mayor couldn't believe it- meee-ow his mouth actually dropped.

Barney, the sensible one, actually went up to Daisy and gave her the paw.  That would be something like a person slapping another hysterical person in a tv show.  Daisy was stunned for a second but her 'saucer' eyes went down.  "Wha-what?"

Finally- Casey, the impatient one just yowled it, "WHERE'S BOOMER????"

One small whisker twitch and she meowed, "Hez justa disappeared!"

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