Thursday, March 23, 2017


Guess what?

It wasn't Hank.

It wasn't Frank or Carla.

It wasn't one of the rhinos that were still looking for these kitties.

It was Andy!


Andy?  Yeah it was Eddie's little brother who came out of the dust, looking somewhat jolly.


Andy and Eddie's mom pawed up to him and gave him a big version of a Pallas Cat hug.  After the momentary shock wore off and Andy saw everyone standing there staring at him, his eyes turned huge.  "Who are you guys?  Are you guys the mafia?"


How in the meow would a Pallas Cat know about the mafia?  Well, who in the meow knows?  Maybe he watches to much tv or something.  Casey answered him seriously though, "We were looking for you."

His eyes got bigger.  We're meowing the size of boulders now.  "Like those other small kitties?"

Tippy, Sammie and Toni!  Everybody was excited now!  "Where are they?" Barney meowed.

He used his puffy tail to point the way he came.  "They're all down there and they're in big trouble!!"

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  1. guyz....ya noe we sneek round blogland frum de food gurlz place oh employ N therz de bozzez bozzez heer two day N we canna sneek round...came bye fast like ta say heerz two a grate week oh end ...♥♥♥