Saturday, April 15, 2017

Grumpy Kitties

The kitties were grumpy...

They were well-rested, mind you, but grumpy.  Casey was furious, steamed, ticked and just plain mad.  To meow you the truth, all were on the 'pissy' side.  As deranged as it sounds- it appeared that all had the same dream!

How in the meow was that pawsible?

Well, I have no meowing idea.  Who can tell about dreams?  So, I bet you're wondering what was definitely real.  It shouldn't be that hard to figure out- the time when Frank came, Carla showed up later.  That's around the time they entered into la-la land.  By time Carla got there Casey was half looped and he passed out immediately after- so that's where the dream thing came in.

The Mayor, like Casey, was also somewhat annoyed with everything too.  "So now whutz we do?"

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