Sunday, April 30, 2017

Open Meows Me!

Casey rushed over and knocked Toni off of the chest. He did it so hard that she went PLOP right on the Mayor's back which sent him landing on his butt and rolling a little ways down the hill.  "Whutz da hells da matter wid you?"  he asked coming back up to the chest.  "You loose to many whiskers?"

He wasn't listening.  Why would he?  He was to busy trying to pry that chest open.  It was funny, really and the others just stood back and watched.   After about 5 minutes, he looked at them accusingly.  "You dopes coulda helped."

"And miss all of this?"  asked Baby, coming over towards him.  "You must be nuts."  She joined him in trying to open the chest. As a matter of fact, they all did (even the kittens) but guess what?

No luck...

Surprise, surprise...

Finally, the Mayor meowed it, "Somebodyz go get Hank."

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  1. any one haza saw, hammer, bobee pin ta pix de lock ?? !!☺☺♥♥