Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Ok, So No Hank

Okay, no Hank...

Well, you kind of got that from the title-MOL...

So, where in the meow was he?

How in the meow do I know?  Seriously, I don't make his appointment schedule.  As far as anyone knew, he could be out betting on the cheetah races.


Uh-huh you heard that right- cheetah races.  Hank had  side gambling habit but that's another 'tail.'  But let's get back to the chest- how in the meow were they going to open the chest?  Well, that's where Barney came in...


He decided to do something crazy!!!  He climbed to the top of a tree and just jumped on it!  And guess what???

It cracked open!!!!!!!!!


  1. Well done, Barney!!
    Purrs ... Rainbow

  2. dood !!!!! best eye dea yet !!! now letz dig in :) ♥♥♥