Sunday, May 7, 2017

What Does Daisy Know?

All eyes went to Daisy.

What in the meow was she meowing about?  As a matter of fact, Baby asked her that, "What do you mean?"

"Yeah," the Mayor meowed looking at her with whiskers twitching, "whatz up wid did?"

Daisy looked at the Mayor with huge eyes.  "Youz meanz youz don't know?"

The Mayor was getting steamed.  "I iz not INDIANA JONEZ'S CAT!  Whutz you knowz aboutz dis?"

Daisy shook her head with the tail swishing.  "Da Golden Paw is reallyz oldz and catz havez been looking at this for yearz!  It's supposed to bringz youz good luck."

Casey's crew and the Trouties felt incredibly stupid.  "Howz comez we neverz hear about it?"

Daisy was steamed.  "Youz never listenz to me!  Hey- what you kitty doin'?"  She swooped down and scooped up Tippy who was trying to touch it.  "Youz can't touch it bepaws youz be in big trouble!"

1 comment:

  1. well, this is true, no one ever listens to ME and sure I can run off with the worlds longest run on sentence but ~~~~~~

    sum one stop her now ore we will bee here ALL DAY.....yea, eye, me, tuna noez thiz ta bee troo ! ☺☺♥