Sunday, January 28, 2018

Guess What?

Meee-ow we're back and guess what?  We're, finally, going to reveal what in the meow is up with the tiger.  In other meows, who is that dude???


It was Dave.


Dave the Siberian Tiger that's who!!!  Okay, you're scratching your heads.  Well, a long time ago he was looking for a new home and got some help from Santa Claus to find one!  Meow-meow I know, I know we haven't been very good at 'wrapping up' stuff so it's okay if you forgot.  For reference, we're looking forward to improving on the 'wrapping stuff up part.'

Pawing right along...

Casey couldn't believe it!!!  "What are you doing here dude?"  he asked.

Dave gave one of those big tiger grins.  "Are you cats surprised?"

Surprised was a bit of an understatement- considering his appearance cause all of the kitties, including Fuzzy to bolt into the weeds.  Do you blame the kitties?  I mean the appearance of a tiger is like 'MEEE-HUH???'

Dave didn't wait for an answer.  "The Captain sent me a message," he said.  "Did Leo and the rest happen to arrive yet?"

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  1. cap'n jacks got sum awesum textin skillz....we dinna even see him send werd !!! ☺☺☺♥♥