Saturday, February 3, 2018

Back to Boating

Just picture it...

A Shamu-dude Killer Wale right  in their path with it's mouth wide open.  If you need another example, think of the Fred and Barney on the Flintstones when they went fishing and got swallowed by 'Doby Dick.'  These kitties were with in about 2 minutes of suffering the same fate!

There was panic and with the panic came the screaming.  Screaming?  It was downright yowling.  It seemed like the Mayor forgot how to drive.  How in the meow that's paws-ible I have no idea.  The dude's brain just shut-off.

"Turn the wheel!!!"  yowled Casey.  "TURN THE WHEEL!"

Turn the wheel?  The dude didn't seem to know what that meant.  His paws didn't seem to work.  They went limp.  Casey, literally, leapt into his lap and tried to turn it from the Shamu-dude but the boat seemed to have a mind of his own.  Maybe it was the fact that the continuous yowling seemed to disconnect everyone's brain or maybe it was the fact that the Shamu-dude jumped and swallowed the boat whole!!!!

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  1. did we forgetz ta menshum gram paw dude failed hiz drivin 17 timez :) !! ☺☺♥♥