Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Earthquake v. Tidal Wave

Tidal wave???

Meee-wow!!! What do you think?  Remember we're meowing about inside the Shamu-dude bepaws this dude was diving swaying and the gang was going up-down-right side- left side- well, you get the idea!  In the meantime there was one big MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-ROWL!!!! And that alone caused the boat to be flung to the top of the Shamu-dude's mouth.  The gang was near teeth- all the big guy had to do was open his mouth just a little bit- just spit it out on little opening.

"OPENZ DA MOUTH!!"  yowled the Mayor.  "Openz it you dumbz fish!"

In the mean time Casey was yowling, "HANK!!!!  Get us out of here!"

The rest of the Trouties were just yowling at the Mayor for even getting a boat.  Barney was threatening lawsuits the kitties were screaming, "Fuzzy!!!!!!!!!!"

Then all of a sudden there was this sliding sound.  The boat went forward like, a subway and everything just stopped!

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  1. we hope de whalez dinna dee side ta submerge hiz self....whoa ~~~~~ !!♥♥☺☺