Sunday, February 11, 2018

Operation: Fuzzy!


What in the meow was up with Hank???  Was he stoned??  Did he really mean it???  Tickle??

You're meowing right he meant it bepaws he was going hysterical.

"You gotta start tickling!!!  Tickle!!!  Tickle!!"  Hank literally bellowed.  Use that fuzzy tail!!!  "Do it or you'll never see them again!!!"

Holy meows!!!  That was purr-ty dramatic for Fuzzy!!!  Her eyes bulged out when he said that but do you want to hear something really funny?  You would've thought that since Fuzzy was just a kid, she would've cracked and not follow any instructions but guess what?  Fuzzy was one tough kitty.

She turned around- positioned that fuzzy tail and preceded to...


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