Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Paw Note

Okay pals, I have a problem...

There's a stray cat in this neighborhood that's hurt. It's a safe bet to assume someone ran over him on purpose. Now, this poor cat is under a neighbor's shed and asking this dude for any kind of help is not an option. Let's note- there's no animal rescue group that'll come out here- they gave me the runaround. I can't get near this cat. It's obvious, he was abused at some point. Does ANYONE have any suggestion? I'm not sure how badly he's hurt but there's a good chance he has a 'Smokey' injury.  If anyone has a suggestion- let me know. Unfortunately, I might not be able to do anything unless the poor guy collapses over here but I'm open to a suggestion.


  1. he is hurt and scared; and we are sorry. will the neighbor let you on his property? I ask because if you can entice the cat out with food and into a box or carrier you can at least access how badly he's hurt. I dont suppose animal care and control will lend a hand; if nothing else to get him out from under the shed. I read an article at creative cat about situations like this; I have to go to that website and see if I can find it then will come back with the post link ~~~ paws crossed ♥♥

  2. what about the fire department? a lot of times they will help out more than people realize; if the neighbor will let you block three sides of the shed; the cat will have to come out just one side; maybe he will with some tuna or other type of canned.... { the post I thought was about if an indoor cat got OUT...sorry } ♥