Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Paw Note

Okay, let me clear some stuff up.

This neighbor of mine and I hate each other. It's a long story.  The dude has cameras all over his yard and they look directly into mine.  Yeah, I'd like to ask him for help but I can't.  It's very possible he's the guy who injured this cat in the first place (remember I said possible).  Now, my issue is this- if this can came over in my yard and collapsed I'd love to take him to a vet for a reasonable cost (if he has a Smokey-like injury).  I'm outside a city in an area where people really don't think to much of lovable felines so that's why I'm somewhat miffed. If anyone has an idea in terms of affordable vet care please tell me- if he comes to my yard I'll be glad to take care of him! So, if you have suggestions on that front thanks.

As for an injury- I think he has a Smokey-leg injury.

1 comment:

  1. leaving some possible places to check into; don't know if any of them will help; but it may be the "starting point" you need.

    sorry we can't be more specific ♥♥