Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Roll Call!!!

Where were the kitties???

There was plenty of yowling and meowing.  Fuzzy was frantic and her fur was starting to fall out.  After about 5 minutes a couple of meows were heard.  Paws was stuck in a palm tree, Tippy landed in a sand pile, Sammie was on Hank's back and all of a sudden, Barney appeared with Toni on his back.

Meee-ow wait a meow minute!  Something has to be cleared up!  The appearance of the Shamu-dude kind of  through everything off.  And meee-ow we have to apologize for throwing everyone off!  Remember when the Trouties came and Toni meowed that there was no way she going on that boat?  Meeee-ow and Barney swore that he'd go after her?  Well, paw-viously since both were in the Shamu-dude the whole thing never turned into an issue.  Barney easily got Toni using one thing- a can of food and while Toni was munching peacefully on some Friskies Barney scooped her up and put her in the boat.

Meeee-ow, we apologize for any confusion.  Now, it wasn't easy getting Paws out of that tree, especially since he was screaming his head off.  Hank actually stood up on his hind legs, wiggled around and got him to grab his face.  When Paws, finally, came down, the Mayor meowed something interesting, "I think we're where we're supposed to be!"

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  1. we hope we iz wear we iz spozed ta bee...whale ridin iz kinda gonna bee off R list from now on !! ☺☺♥♥