Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Scream

The scream was undescribable.  It was a combination of a meow, growl, roar and human shriek.  Well, the sound scared the meowy out of the kitties and the rest of them kind of just froze.  The scream didn't last long but it completely freaked the kitties out!  All 4 charged up a palm tree, Fuzzy's fur just stood straight up.  Barney kind of did the 'fall over on your butt thing' in shock and the Trouties just stood there like statues.

Finally, Casey's whiskers twitched and he meowed in a low tone.  "What was that?"

No one answered.  They knew what it was.  Oh don't look so confused.  They had, somehow, found the place where Freddie's mom was!  Granted, none of them ever heard a Fishing Cat scream but it wasn't that hard to figure out.  The Mayor meowed, "Do youz think the humans killed her?"

Daisy started crying when he said that and Fuzzy did too.  Actually, everybody was crying.  Casey knew he had to hold it together.  "You guys need to shut-up!  We gotta go in there!"

Here came the protests.  Barney:  "I'm not going in there."

All four of the little kitties, who were starting to come down the heard that, turned around and went back up.  All of the Trouties- including the Mayor were twitching their whiskers in fear.
Then a funny thing is, Fuzzy meowed, "I'll go in."

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  1. fuzzy....we noe ewe iz young N ewe iz feer lezz...but.....ya gotta be veree veree veree care full ~~ ♥