Monday, February 5, 2018

Wet Fuzzy!

Fuzzy did fall out of the boat!  She and right after that- thanks to the swallowing- she wound-up back on the beach soaked.  Soaked was an understatement- she looked like a drowned rat.  Her whiskers were actually so wet that they were even drooping.  The force of the big wave even caused one of them to fall out!


So, there was Fuzzy...



and all alone.

Well, she wasn't really alone- the Shamu-dude was in view but Captain Jack's boat was gone (which was kind of strange).  Fuzzy was too wet to think about it though, to top it all off she kept sneezing.  The sneezing wasn't pretty either- she was spraying out water like sprinklers.  Fuzzy was heartbroken though.  She was just a little Fuzzy!  How was she going to get them out of the Shamu-dude???

"Fuzzy?  Fuzzy is that you?  What happened?"

Fuzzy looked to the right and through her watery vision she saw- well everybody's hero!

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  1. YAY HANK...n dood....we knead sum help pleez....thanx ~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥