Friday, March 23, 2018

A Happy 'Fishy' Cat!

          However, little (chuckle) Paws tried to do something stupid.  He actually tried to take her fish which ended up with him getting swat on the butt and retreating in abjejct humiliation behind his Uncle Barney.  “You didn’t have to do that,” he meowed indignantly, which caused him to get a tail swat from Barney. 

          “You don’t take anyone’s fish,” Barney lectured in that prissy, cat-professor way.  “It’s not meowy.”

          Paws, (keep in mind who’s not even 2 yet), responded by sitting on his butt and twitching his whiskers.  What could he really meow?  He was just a little kitty after all (chuckle).

          Freddie’s mom was eventually finished and looked really happy at this point.  This was meowy cool to a certain extent.  After a last lick of the chops she said, “I’m Cindy.”


          What kind of name was Cindy?  To tell you the truth, all of the kitties thought she was going to say ‘Felicia’ or something but it didn’t matter.  She was extremely happy now.  You could tell that by the look on her face so the next question was inevitable…

          “Where’s Freddie???”

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  1. yea.....dood......were R ya....

    shirley yur knot surfin !!! ore...R ya !!!

    hay happee week oh end guyz ~~~ ☺☺♥♥