Tuesday, March 20, 2018



          You are pullin’ my tail, right?  How could any kind of snoring cause an earthquake?  Well, it wasn’t a joke the ground was shaking there was a something good that came out of it.  Freddie’s mom woke up!


          “Holy meows!”  Casey yowled.  “I can’t believe-“ He didn’t get to finish it bepaws Freddie’s mom was freaked out.  She was about ready to head for a tree but the Mayor ended up tackling her.

          “Youz gottaz calmz down!!!” the Mayor yowled.

          “Get off me,” she yowled back.

          The Mayor was shocked that she spoke that he almost let her go.  It was weird that she suddenly spoke.  It was like she woke up from a deep sleep.  Anyway, Casey was shocked, delighted and had to meow fast.  “You gotta calm down,” he meowed.  “We wanna take you to Freddie!”

          She stopped and looked at them disbelievingly.  “Freddie?” 

          Casey was nodding, whiskers were twitching.  “Yeah, we want to take you to Freddie!  But we can’t wake the gang up!”

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  1. FINAL LEE....we iz glad ewe iz a wakez mizzuz freddie coz casey N eye waz runnin outta clooz how ta help ewe..... YAY !! ☺☺

    gram paw dude =^.,^= ♥♥