Saturday, March 31, 2018

Getting Ready

          The rabbit stared at them suspiciously.  He wasn’t sure what to say.  Should he just come out and say it?  Holy Bugs Bunny bunny just come out and say it.  “I have a problem,” he said.  “I have humans after me and I wanna go home.”

          “Where do you live?”  Barney asked.

          Coincidently enough he was an African bunny and meeeee-ow this was absolutely purr-fect!  He apparently hopped around in the area where the Northern White Rhinos were!  He hopped for joy at the fact that they were debating about making a trip to the area.  “You gotta let me come with you,” he said. 

          Casey had no problem with that.  He recognized the rabbit anyway- he was one of the animals inside with Freddie’s mom.  “You can come,” he meowed.  “It’s no problem.”

          Captain Jack was surprised at the sudden eagerness about traveling. 
“So you cats wanna help after all?”

          The meows were not only loud but they were in unison.  Besides, Hank was pretty pumped about the idea of seeing the Northern White Rhinos.  Even if the cats didn’t want to go, Hank probably would’ve made them go-MOL!  “Well,” he said.  “What are we waiting for? Let’s get out of here.”

          That’s when Paws asked the inevitable question.  “What about the Easter Bunny?”

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