Friday, March 16, 2018

The Big Bug

          Casey scrunched by him to check it out and he couldn’t believe it.  The biggest, ugliest, strangest bug was on Hank’s back.  He had huge eyes.  We’re talking sunglasses type mind you.  Now, the bug in question wasn’t paying attention to Casey and the Mayor he was too busy chomping at Hank’s back!


          When that, finally, sunk in Casey and the Mayor started flapping their tails around trying to get the nasty sucker but he buzzed off, making some kind of crazy noise as he left.  It was as if he was laughing at them.

          The Mayor and Casey were left their whiskers twitching.  “Whatz you thinkz dat was?”  asked the Mayor.

          “It had to be one of those bugs that put people to sleep,” Casey meowed.

          The Mayor’s mouth hung open.  “Where did he come from?” he asked.

          “How in the meow do I know?” asked Casey.  “I’m no scientist.”

          “Whatz a scientist anyway?”  asked the Mayor.

          “How in the meow do I know this?”  Casey asked impatiently.  “I ain’t no human!”

          “Well be happiez about dat,” the Mayor answered.  “Now howz we gonna wake these dudes up?

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  1. faaaaaaaaaaaa....hank we iz sorree ya had bugz but iz glad it waz knot a bass terd leech.....ugh.... they iz vizshuz ~~~