Monday, March 12, 2018

What's Up With Freddie's Mom????

Freddie’s mom’s eyes were huge.  She had this complete look of panic.  She couldn’t figure out what in the meow happened!  What was up here???  She tried to speak again but again- NOTHING.

          Everyone was horrified.  (Do you blame them?  Meee-ow even thinking about this has me horrified!)  It was such a scary enough moment that Hank even stopped.  Freddie’s mom even looked like she was ready to cry but that only lasted a second.  She passed out again.

          This was bad!

          “HANK!!!!!!”  yowled Casey.  “Get to land!  Get to land.”

          Hank was way ahead of him.  It seemed like he sensed that Freddie’s mom passed out and he turned on the motor full throttle.  Now, I was a good thing they weren’t in the middle of nowhere, so they ended up on land purr-ty quickly!

          So, picture it…

          A bunch of kitties, several hippos and a Fishing Cat in the middle.  It was a weird picture but it was a really sad picture.  Freddie’s mom didn’t look good and it didn’t help when Barney said-

          “I think she’s dead.”


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  1. whoa.....ya canna bee mizzuz freddie...we knead ta findz sum will help....trooth ♥♥☺☺