Friday, April 20, 2018


          Captain Jack glared at him.  “You meowed that you wouldn’t bring that up.”

          “Well, you iz da the one dat goofed,” the Mayor meowed.  “And all of those kangaroos are after us.”

          Captain Jack’s whiskers twitched.  “Those kangaroos aren’t gonna be here,” he meowed, “so SHUT-UP about Australia.”

          “Why don’t you two both shut-up!”  Casey yowled.  “We got enough problems and Tippy needs our help.”

          “How you knows dat we gonna even find, Tippy?”  Daisy asked Casey.

          “Isn’t this the place where there are tigers?”  Barney asked.

          There was kind of a stunned silence.  Yeah, they knew this was the tiger place and they knew that if the came across one- they’d be eaten like cat treats.  Casey was trying to keep everyone calm.  “We’re not gonna run into a tiger,” he meowed.

          “How do you know?”  asked Baby.

          “I just know,” he answered.  “We have to get off this boat- c’mon!”

          There was a lot of grumbling, growling and the next thing you know they were on the ground and meee-ow!  They couldn’t believe it- they were greeted by a bunch of orangutans!!!

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  1. we dunno guyz.....mite be nice ta see R big cat cuzinz !!!!! ☺☺♥♥