Thursday, April 5, 2018

Pawin' Tippy

          Okay, you have the questions.  Did Captain Jack see Tippy?  Was Tippy close?  Was everyone just overreacting?  Answer to all three…


          But there is good news here believe it or not!  Tippy had actually washed up on some land a long way from the island.  Why do I say a long way?  Well, let me meow it to you this way- the wave that came crashing down on all of them was like a vacuum- Tippy managed to grab onto a really long log that carried him through the water- onto an island that was well-meow miles from the gang, Hank and Captain Jack’s boat.


          Tippy was in big trouble.

          Well, Tippy landed he wasn’t worried about where he was.  His ears were so filled with water that he had to do the head-tilting thing to have it gush out- we’re meowing cartoon scene people.  After that, he felt much better and was able to look around.

          It was actually a nice area that he washed-up on but it was quiet.  There weren’t any birds around- no wind- only the sound of the waves hitting the shore.  Tippy’s eyes got huge.  Where in the meow could he be???

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  1. NOE BURDS !!!!?????????

    DOOD !!!!!!!!!! ewe haz landed in TROUT TOWNE !!!!!!!!!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

    hay; if ya R ther, help yur self ta whatz cookin on de grill, pull up a hammick N chillax a few.... ☺☺

    we bee offline two morrow guyz sew heerz two a grate week oh end ♥♥☺☺