Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Little Fella

          The Sumatran Rhino just looked at him like he just spoke in a foreign language.  I guess if you think about it- he did.  Oh I know, quit being technical.  Animals have a universal language.  I think it was the case the Sumatran Rhino was just so scared that he couldn’t speak.

          “What’s wrong?”  Tippy asked.  “Why can’t you talk?”

          The little fella’s eyes grew wider and he looked like he was ready to cry.  It was such a sad sight that Tippy felt like giving him a hug.  “What happened to you?”

          The little rhino turned halfway around and made a motion with his head.  Tippy’s eyes widened.  There was an adult rhino laying on the ground about 50 feet back.  He couldn’t believe it and it was obvious enough that she was dead.  Holy meows that was his mom.  “That’s your mom!”  he exclaimed.

          The little rhino nodded and that’s when he started to cry.  Tippy was about ready to comfort the little fella but there was rustling from the distance and you didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that humans were coming.  Holy meows!  They already got the little fella’s mom and they would probably kill the little guy too if they could get away with it.  “We gotta get out of here!”  he yowled.

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  1. small rhino dood...sum how sum way we will all get ther ta help ewe & tippy N ta avenge yur mom ~~~ promize ~~ ♥♥