Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Just In Case You Were Wondering...

By the way, it’s time for a ‘paws.’


          It’s UPDATE TIME!!! 


          Well, haven’t you at least wondered (a little) about what happened to the gang?  For instance…

          Tippy was still hanging with the little rhino.  As a matter of fact, they had a lead on the boat being around and were on their way to find it but for some reason they came up on this cave.  (Yeah, I know- caves in Sumatra sound weird but hey- who are we to argue?)  Well, Tippy and the little rhino ended up pawing into the cave and well, they haven’t come out as of yet.  We’ll keep you posted but we’re just crossing our paws that these dudes just come out!

          As for the rest of the gang…

          After that crazy, weird- wacky storm Paws ended up being blown away!  Meee-huh?  Yeah, you heard it right.  He was blown away.  As a matter of fact he landed in some goofy tree and bounced off of a mother tapir named Molly who was unamused at that fact because the whole thing scared her baby.  Now, tapirs don’t usually eat cats but in this case, Molly was going to make an exception but was scared off by a bunch of screaming Trouties who literally chased her away by going, ‘AAAAHHHH!’  Luckily they were able to rejoin everyone at the boat!

1 comment:

  1. tippy....ewe & de rhino getz outta de cave A ess A pea...N getz two de boat

    cap'n jack get de motorz runnin full steem coz dude N casey iz ina ewe noe what load oh trubullz

    N sewz de rest oh de catz they be with ~~~~~~

    trooth !!! ☺☺♥♥