Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Boat Debate

          How in the meow could a ship disappear?  Seriously, how in the MEOW WAS IT PAWS-IBLE?  Casey, finally, meowed to Hank what everyone was thinking.  “You’re making that up!”

          Hank shook his head so hard that all three cats could’ve sworn they heard something rattle.  (Yeah, I know it sounds weird but it’s no joke.  Maybe the air on Fish Island made cats hear weird stuff- who knows?)  “I’m not making this up,” he said.  “You two know that hippos DON’T LIE.”

          Actually, neither one of them ever heard that but who in the meow was going to argue with him.  Casey wondered if the long swim over to Fish Island made him fry some brain cells.  He decided to make a more cautious approach to Hank’s hysteria.

          “Are you sure you know that it disappeared for sure?”  Casey asked.  “Me and the Mayor were the ones that literally disappeared on that log and you found us.”

          “Yeah,” the Mayor added, “boatz don’t disappear.”

          “Wanna bet?”  Hank answered.  “I saw it myself.  I-”

          “Who in THE MEOW CARES?”  Joey yowled.  “Instead of hissing with each other can’t you dudes figure out what to do?”

          “Don’t get so excited,” Hank said.  “We always have a plan.”

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  1. hank...dood...then nowz a grate time ta put plan A ta uze !!!! we heer shoebillz ~~~~~~~~ faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ~~~~~~☺☺♥♥