Friday, June 29, 2018

Somebody's In Love

Mayor Tony was getting all squirmy.  “He growled out that the one dude was a black cat with one eye!”

            “Meeee-WHAT???”  the Mayor and Casey meowed at once.

            “What?  What?”  asked Joey.  “What is it?”

            “He saw Captain One-Eyed Jack!”  Casey meowed.  “Where in the meow is that bear?”  Casey dashed off, determined to find Boris leaving the Mayor and Joey to deal with a bewildered Mayor Tony.

            “Who in the meow is Captain One-Eyed Jack?”  asked Mayor Tony.

            “Thatz a longz story,” the Mayor meowed with his whiskers twitching furiously.  The Mayor’s find was funning full steam.  What in the meow were they supposed to do?  The rest of the gang was on the other side of the world!  How in the meow were they supposed to go get them. 

The Mayor figured he better go find Hank and confer with him, while Casey was tracking Boris.  He took a couple of steps and the next thing you know he heard a, “Hi there cutie!”

The Mayor turned to face a cute golden cat with long fur and whiskers.  The Mayor felt like that the Cupid-dude just shot him in the butt!  His eyes got all buggy, the tail was swishing and he started hyperventilating (cat-style).  “Uh-uh-uh-“

The golden cat went up to the Mayor really close and started purring.  The next thing you know they were both purring their guts out.  “What’s your story, handsome?”  she asked.  “Can’t you meow?”

“Meee-hmmmm- HMMM!”  The Mayor answered feeling all warm and fuzzy. 

“You wanna purr with me tonight cutie?”  she asked.

“Mmmmmmmm-hmmmmmm,”  he answered, pawing off with her towards the lover’s lane area of Fish Island.  The lover’s lane area consisted of a path of golden sand with the water lapping in the far distance with a great view of the moon.  Lots of kittens were known to be conceived on the lover’s lane area believe me!  The loud purring and the magic of the moon had these 2 out of sight in a matter of seconds.

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  1. itza trix....due knot fall for it...full moon N gurl spellz will due it everee time

    happee week oh end guyz ~~~~~ ♥♥☺☺