Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Interview

Meeee-ow, I bet you’re wondering how Joey reacted to everything.  Naturally, the dude was excited bepaws finally- FINALLY- the were free of the ‘BURDS.’  The meowy cool thing about it was that the editor of the Fish Island Express, who was slammed into a jail by the ‘burds,’ decided to interview Joey and why not?  Joey was the new favorite on the island due to a hippo named Hank.  (Just for the record, the editor’s name happened to be Sam.  Now is that a great name for an editor or what? MOL.  Sam was a big orange tabby with a smashed ear and big paws.  Let me meow it to you this way, the dude just looked like an editor.) 

Now, why wasn’t the gang interviewed?  Meow don’t worry.  Sam has ever intention of doing a huge meow-down.  He just had to meow with Joey first since he was a resident of the island.  Here’s an except from the interview, which took place during preparation time for the paw-ty.

Editor: How are you feeling today Joey?   What’s it like knowing that a hippo helped saved the day?

Joey:  Meeee-ow, I still can’t believe it.  I was ready to paw on out of here until I met Casey and the Mayor!  They’re the ones that know Hank meowy well.

Editor: It’s purry good that you’re honest.  Now, what did you think when you first saw Hank?

Joey (laugh/purrs):  He scared the fur off of me!

Editor: Did you really think that he’d be able to help get rid of those rotten burds?

Joey (eyes huge): I wasn’t sure.

Editor: What did the other 2 cats think?

Joey (whiskers twitching): Those two are the best! They’re the ones who need a lot of purr-props. I would’ve left if it wasn’t for them.

Editor (tail swishing): I’ll meow with them soon. Where are they anyway?

Joey (pointing): They’re eating!!

            (Eating was actually kind of an understatement for what Casey and the Mayor were doing. Those were gorging like pigs.  Anytime someone bought fresh fish up they were they’re trying it out!)

            Editor (amused twitching of the whiskers): I bet you never thought we’d be having a

            pawty again here did you?

            Joey (eyes bright):  Nope!!!! 

            Editor:  Go eat pal! We’ll catch up later and thanks!

            Joey was more than happy to join in with the gang and after a few corrections, Sam did too.  By the way you can read more of the interview in the Fish Island Express tomorrow morning.  Let’s note they do much better journalism than most humans!!!


  1. joey.....noe thanx kneaded dood...thatz what catz N anipalz each other out...N yea like sam said, come try sum fresh catch !!! sam; total lee awesum interveewz dood N veree nice ta meet ewe az well ! :) ☺☺♥♥

  2. LMAO ahhh man- I love you Trouties...
    You guys rock!