Monday, July 2, 2018

A Mad Baby

As Joey was pawing around the idea of traveling around the world to find the shipwrecked Captain Jack’s boat, the kitties were literally standing on a shore, whiskers drooping, staring up at the boat with contempt like it planned the whole thing.

            The Amur Leopard had pawed along.  Are you really surprised?  Who wants to put up with a bunch of cranky kitties?  There was also the fact that they were all just simmering and there was a VERY good chance that somebody was going to lose it soon. 

            Baby was muttering.  “I think you did this on purpose.”

            Captain Jack’s whiskers had been twitching as he pondered how to fix his boat but what Baby meowed caught his attention immediately.  “What did you meow?”

            “I think you did this on purpose,” she meowed indignantly. 

            The other kitties just looked at her with utter disbelief.  Why in the meow would Baby meow this?  Why would Baby even think this?  What paws-ible motivation would Captain Jack have?

            Deep thoughts from kitties…

            You gotta love it!

            Pawing right along…

            Captain Jack was trying to remain calm and cool.  “You better go take a nap, kitty.  You’re flipping your whiskers.”

            Baby wasn’t going to stop.  “I think you wanted to see a different place and you made sure that the boat crashed.”

            Barney couldn’t help himself.  “Where in the meow is this coming from?”

            Baby’s tail was swishing at 100 mph.  “He better fix this boat or he’s in big trouble!”  Then she stamped her paws and went down the coastline in a huff, as if she wanted to cool off.

            In the meantime, the other kitties seemed like that they turned to Barney for guidance.  He really wasn’t to crazy about that because, as you know, Barney was mellow at heart and really didn’t like any controversy.  So, how did he react?  He got defensive.  “Why are all of you looking at me?”






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  1. everee onez prettee much on edge; no onez got two much info N ya noe catz, they hasta bee in formed ☺☺ it will bee oh kay baby...we think !! ☺☺♥♥ happee earl lee 4th guyz; stay safe ~~~♥♥