Monday, July 16, 2018

Paw-ty Time

In the meantime back on Fish Island…         

            I bet you’re thinking that Casey and Joey jumped on a boat to head towards the gang.  After all, they were genuinely worried and Joey did have the urge for some kind of adventure.  Well, guess again…

            Casey and Joey were actually paw-tying.  Funny how priorities change, huh?  Well, a special catnip/fish tropical drink also helped with that.  Casey also figured that everybody was clever enough to find there way to Fish Island.  Why he thought that who knows?  But when a kitty gets a little tipsy on a special Fish Island drink who knows what their reasoning is on anything!

            Pawing right along…

            How was the Mayor doing with his love interest?  Well, nobody seems to know.  He never came back from his kitty escapades with the gorgeous Darlene.  Rumors were flying that they weren’t coming back either.  Apparently, the dude was hooked!  Now, what about Toni?  What was she up to?  Well…

            Toni found herself having a blast at this paw-ty.  As a matter of fact, she found herself pawing her way into the dancing.  As hard as this is for you to believe, Toni (despite the chubby belly) seemed to be one meowy good dancer.  Okay, I see you scratching your head.  Cats dancing?  Well, you have to let your imagination run wild bepaws the next thing you know there was an announcement for a dance contest!


            Toni was excited yet nervous.  She was also worried.  Where in the meow was she going to find a partner?  She had to find Casey or the Mayor.  Well, it wasn’t to hard to find Casey.  He was hanging by the punch bowl.  He didn’t even recognize Toni by this point.

            “What you want kid?”  he asked fuzzily with whiskers twitching.

            “I need a partner for the dance contest!”  she meowed excitedly.  “C’mon help me!”


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  1. fish island drink soundz grate !!! N toni we thinkz ewe N casey will make eggz alentz partnerz...matterz knot yur size....itz all bout de mooovez ~~~♫♫♪♫♫♪♫♫♥♥♥