Monday, July 9, 2018


All of the kitties let out one continuous shriek that seemed like they would’ve shattered the sound barrier!  The tiger, so shocked by the actual shriek, actually took one of those flying leaps into the tree. The gang was stunned that they actually stopped the shrieking.

            “What in the meow is up with you???”  asked Barney.

            “What are you cats screaming at me for?”  asked the tiger.  “Don’t you cats know me?”

            There was stunned silence.  What in the meow was going on?  How in the meow could this be paws-ible?  Why would they know a tiger? 

            Then- all of a sudden it sunk in and they meowed it at the same time…


            It was Dave the Siberian Tiger!

            Wait a meow-minute…

            Who in the meow is Dave?

            Well, in case a lot of you forgot about it- they ran into Dave a couple of years ago (during the holiday season) and helped him find a nice home by the North Pole.  This was a such a shock that these kitties whiskers were twitching into overdrive. 

            Dave hopped down from the tree and he seemed like he was giving one of those tiger-smiles.  “I can’t believe you cats started screaming.  All of you sounded like humans!”

            “Where in the meow did you come from?”  asked a shocked Barney.  “I didn’t think we’d ever see you again!”

            Dave went onto growl out that since the kitties were able to get him to the purr-fect home he had access to any route he wanted.  He was not only able to move freely but due to the fact he had special protection via the Santa way he was safe from hunters too.

            “But what are you doing down here?”  Baby asked wonderingly.

            He looked up at Captain Jack’s boat.  “I saw the boat and I had to check it out.  What happened?”

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  1. DAVE !!!!!!!!! itz grate ta see ewe again dood ~~~~~~ ☺☺☺♥♥♥