Friday, July 20, 2018

The Build-Up

            Now, I bet you’re wondering how the Mayor and Darlene did with the tango. 

            Don’t you wish there was some kind of video?

            I know I do but meeee-ow sometimes you don’t have any luck!

            As for the tango itself…

            It started out well.  Well might’ve actually been to tame of a word.  The tango, for humans, is a pawsitively sexy dance and these two dove into it with whiskers twitching and tails flying.  Paws were entwined and the steps were slow and careful.  Meee-ow, what was up with this?  And how did the Mayor get to be such a great dancer?  Meee-ow that Darlene was one meow of a teacher.

            Or was she?

            In other meows, things got out of hand paw-most immediately.  These two got so sexy that the judges applied an old tradition that hadn’t been used in the contest for years.  What was it you meow?  They got out the hose?  The Mayor and Darlene were hosed down so much that they looked like wet pups but the hose had to go on extra powerful to get them to cease.


            Proof again that there’s only so much of the romance thing a cat can stand.

            We were getting down to zero hour though.  Soon the contest rolled into the forties.  Toni was getting nervous.  She would love to have some catnip but meeee-ow Hank was really getting on her nerves.  How in the meow could he be so calm and what in the meow was she thinking???  A cat couldn’t dance with a hippo!

            Soon- she heard it and her whiskers literally popped out.

            A long black cat named Jason came out and meowed, “Cats and kitties- how about using those paws to cheer on the last couple- Toni and Hank the Hippo!!!”

            It was showtime!

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  1. we had ta laff at this coz gram paw dude getted a water spray bottle used on him mor N once { coz him waz ina fite } !!!! ☺☺♥♥