Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Darlene Gets to the Point

          “You iz nothing butz a jesy-bel!”  Daisy yowled, for lack of a better insult.  To be purr-fectly honest, I think she just liked meowing the word ‘jesy-bel.’

          Darlene’s eyes narrowed.  “What is your problem?”

          Meee-uhoh. This didn’t have any paws-ibility of ending well.  She was getting Daisy more riled up than usual.  Her hackles were up by this time and her tail  was at that straight stage.  Like I meowed, this could be a problem.

          “I heardz all about you!”  Daisy yowled, practically roaring it out.  “You haz a bad rep.”

          Darlene looked absolutely horrified.  “Where is that coming from?”

          “I haz a my sources,” Daisy meowed smugly.  “I hearz all kindz of thingz.”  Her whiskers started twitching.  “Whatchya gonna do about it?”

          Casey had had enough by this point.  “Would you TWO SHUT-UP!”  he yowled.  Meee-ow what a yowl- it actually stopped parts of the party to the point that some were looking at him with big eyes like an old time E.F. Hutton commercial.  It took a second for Casey to get over the shock of the yowl and them he meowed at Darlene. “Meow out your story.  What happened to the Mayor?”

          Well, that got her all blubbery.  The tears even started.  “He jus- jus vanished.  We were hanging out and snuggling and he went out to check out some noise and never came back!”

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