Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Frustrated Tippy

Everyone was flabbergasted, perplexed and downright horrified.  For one, what in the meow happened that Tippy suddenly forgot how to meow?  And for two, what in the meow happened to his little rhino buddy?

          Bepaws this was getting a little worrisome that the rhino still hadn’t come out of the cave.

          Poor Tippy was so frustrated that he even looked angry.  The claws were out and the tail was swishing.  He was even running around in little circles out of frustration.  Barney had to give him a little pat.  “Easy buddy,” he meowed, “it’ll be okay.”

          As for Dave, he didn’t get it.  “Who is this?”  he asked.

          Baby gave him a tail swat.  “Little Tippy, you met him.”

          “How am I supposed to remember?”  he grumbled.  “That was a long time ago and some of you cats look alike.”

          As if on cue, Tippy looked up at him with those sad, kitten eyes that could make the toughest cat melt and, of course, Dave melted.  The next thing you know he was cuddling him and about five minutes later he was on Dave’s back asleep.


          Well, the big guy had a magic touch it seemed.  Baby couldn’t believe it.  “How did you do that?”  she asked him.

          “I babysit a lot,” Dave said in a jolly voice.

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  1. tippy...dood....due knot worree..rhinoz due knot mooove fast az catz sew himz prob ablee still on de way ~~~~~~~ ♥♥☺☺