Thursday, August 23, 2018

Loud Meowing

“A cheap little sleaze!”  Daisy meowed, as plainly as you can get.  Her whiskers twitched at annoyance.  It seemed like it took forever for it to sink into Casey and Joey’s heads.  Go meowing figure.

          After a couple of moments, it seemed like that Casey got what she meowing but Joey just seemed flat-out confused.  Joey didn’t have that much experience off of Fish Island.  In other meows, he was an innocent.

          “I don’t get why you’re meowing on Darlene,” he meowed.  “She’s nice.”

          Daisy’s eyes looked like they’d pop out of his skull.  “You are out of your meowing mind!”  she yowled.  “I think she’s one of those black widow cats.”

          Yeah, you discovered the secret.  Daisy was a fan of the ID network.  In her spare time, she liked to watch every tv show on that network and act like she was stuck in the middle of some crime drama.  Go meowing figure.

          Casey couldn’t believe it.  “You need your whiskers examined,” he meowed.  “Black widow… You’re meowing crazy.”

          “She’s nice,” Joey insisted again.  “Are you sure you’re not jealous?”

          Daisy’s mouth dropped.  Jealous?  Why in the meow would she even CONSIDER being jealous?  This was all about family loyalty.  “You iz a nutty dude,” she answered, giving him the paw.  “Thiz is aboutz family for meowing out loud.”

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  1. guyz....bee leeve it ore knot dai$y doez like ta watch tee vee...spesh a lee when therz lotz oh stuff moovin cross de screen ! :) happee week oh end ☺☺ ♥