Sunday, September 2, 2018

Guess Who Came Out...

          Then the strangest thing happened…

          The Mayor stumbled out of the woods!


          Wait a meow-minute!!!

          Where in the meow did he come from??? 

          The cats were astounded, flabbergasted and just all-out shock.  Darlene actually shrieked and did one of those fainting-things that you see humans do in horror movies!  Now, the Mayor didn’t look any different that usual.  As a meow of fact, he was just a little wobbly and seemed a bit to jolly.  He stepped over to Casey and his breath gave it away. 


          We’re not meowing about regular catnip.  We’re meowing about the rarest catnip of them all, the tropical island catnip that grew by one of those waterfalls that tropical islands are known for.  In terms of penetration, that catnip had such a kick that it could make a cat high 5 miles away.  Let me meow it to you this way, this catnip was so rare, so valuable, that no cat (even the Fish Island cats) went after it.  So, you could understand the general shock.

          “Meeee-woooooh!”  Casey meowed, doing an impersonation of a Ric Flair cat. “Pal- where in the meow have you been?”

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