Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The Goofy Mayor

          The Mayor started doing one of those weird cat giggles that was a combination of a purr/clacking of the teeth. “Paw-tying buddy- paw-tying!!!”

          He was gone…


          Completely whacked…

          What in the meow was up with this dude?  He was on such a catnip high that he actually did a backflip and landed flat-on his butt.

          When he did that, it seemed like the paw-ty went silent.  That didn’t last long thought bepaws the Mayor started doing the giggling thing again and the next thing you know he was on his back doing snow-cat angels!

          What the meow???

          Finally, Daisy had had enough.  She went over and, literally, pulled him up by the tail.  “Whatz the meowz the matterz wid you?”  she yowled.  “You iz making a foolz out of yourself!”

          The Mayor’s eyes were glowing and kind of watery.  “You iz so purr-ty,” he meowed. 

          “Oh meee-ow,” Daisy answered in disgust.  “You iz really high on da nip buddy!”

          “I lovez you!”  he meowed giving her one of those big, sloppy, licking kisses that knocked Daisy off her feet.

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  1. two much nip iz never a good thing....hope everee onez doin grate; we haz been off line fora few ~~~~~ ☺☺♥♥