Sunday, January 13, 2019

Barney v. the 'Burd'

       The kitties were stunned by the Mandarin Duck. Why?  Well, he was handsom and he had the weirdest look that his stare just made the kitties feel weird.  He kept that stare on them for a few minutes and that had Vinnie freaked.

            “He’s scaring me!  He’s scaring me!”  he complained, moving closer to Barney. 

            Barney was trying to stay cool.  “Don’t worry little dude,” he meowed.  “He’s not going to hurt us.”

            As a matter of fact, the duck swam over to them and they were about a foot a part.  His wings started flapping and he was making a lot of noises.  The humans noticed and started pointing and taking photos.  It was lucky that the kitties were in the group or they would’ve been in big trouble.  Now, pawing right along…

            The duck wouldn’t shut-up.  “Bad cats!”  he quacked out.  “Bad cats!

            Fuzzy couldn’t believe it.  “What’s the problem, duckie?”

            His wings were flapping harder.  “BAD CATS!!!  BAD CATS!!!”

            This is one moment where it would’ve been nice to have Casey around.  He would’ve shown that goofy duck.  He would’ve pawed into the water and bashed him in the beak.

Barney knew that he had to get tough.

            “SHUT-UP YOU DUMB DUCK!!!”  he yowled.

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  1. vinnie...ya haz a rite ta bee warry oh that over grown burd....frank lee any one usin bad N catz in de same sentence canna bee trusted ~~~~~~~~~~ faaaaaaaaaaaaaaa