Monday, January 21, 2019

The Bad Jump

            The funny thing about that wacky bird is that it looked like he was growling at Barney.  Barney’s brain was racing at 1000 miles per hour.  Did he ever run into this dude?  What was with the blatant hatred??  He started wondering if at some point Casey had ticked this dumb ‘burd’ off at some point but how in the meow would that have been paws-ible?  Anytime Casey went on adventure Barney had always been right there so that theory went out the window.

Barney was growing more and more ticked-off though.

            “Go ahead you dumb ‘burd!’” he yowled.  “Come and try to get me you meowing coward.”

            Barney would’ve never guessed he would’ve actually did anything but the wings were out and he looked like one of those war planes coming after somebody!  Barney was literally frozen for a second until Fuzzy yowled, “Barney!! Barney, do something! Do something!”

            Barney did the only thing that he could- he jumped out of the tree and landed into the waiting net of the New York City animal shelter.

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  1. jezuz barney get outta that net...pron toe.....everee him...!