Tuesday, January 1, 2019

The Return of Kitties

          Fuzzy woke up with her whiskers twitching, not believing what had just happened.

          Meee-wow!  You didn’t believe it did you?  You didn’t think we’d be back but meeee-ow somehow, we kitties are here and meee-wow you’ll never guess what happened.  It took Fuzzy a few minutes to remember bepaws everything seemed to have happened within in seconds.  For an example…

          Casey and Joey disappeared at the same time.  It was paw-mazing how they seemed to have vanished off of the face off the earth.  One minute- paw-tying at

Fish Island and the next minute they were swallowed in a wave during a surfing contest.  All kitties were devastated and then the sadness turned into a mess.  The Fish Island kitties blamed the gang for Joey and then accusations flew that the island kitties wanted Casey eliminated.  Fur flew and the claws were permanently out- the gang was no longer welcome on the island and that led to a tiff with the Trouties.  The whole thing was just ugly.  As a matter of fact the gang was actually lucky that they were all back at home together.

          I know what you’re wondering now.  What happened to Hank and Tony?  Well, nobody likes an island war. They took off for their respected homes.  Now, thinking about all of it gave Fuzzy a huge head and whisker ache.  The big question was- what were they going to do now?  Casey was the leader, the stepdad, the cat in charge.  Were there any adventures left?

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